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7 variations of the missionary position:

Most bedrooms will confirm it: The missionary position is the most popular! We were not surprised! After all, there are lots of amazing variations for it. Let´s have a look on 7 missionary modifications, which make a real banger out of a „normal“ one. Even when they are not as comfortable as the „normale execution“. But with lots more attraction and a twice higher orgasm guarantee. So now let´s try it:

1. The Lotus-Seat
in the frist view:

it´s vintage! she lays on her back, like the missionary position, but she crossed her legs in a different angle, while the partner knees above you and dips in. You will obtain an Oh!-effect when you put a pillow und your butt.

2. the circle of 8

In this modification of the missionary position, she lays on her back with erected legs – feel pleased to use a pillow again. While your partner lays above and is supported with his arms you lay your hands on his hips and conduct him to run 8- circles. Turn your hips around in both directions and enjoy!

3. the house number

More activity calls the modification of missionary position „house number“. One thing won´t change. One of you lays on your back and is allowed to use a pillow while the partner knees above you
between your legs. Now you lift your hips and cross you legs around your partners hips.

4. the armistice

One of the most popular modifications out of the missionary Position is „the armistice“. 
- and this is a real banger! Your Partner is lying on side while you lay on your back in the right angle. Now you will notice virtues of this position while you keep caress intense.

5. a safe number

Actually you could call it „missionary position DELUXE“, cause of its low deviation. 
It stays at the normal execution, but she bends her legs, while he is up on her. Now you clinch you legs around him and tighten se….

6. the nirvana

It might sound funny, but it is a real cracker! Now you will intensify the penetration while you fasten the bed frame, stretch out your legs and strain your musculature. He embraces you with his legs from the outside and dips into you. The effect will reward your struggle.

7. Zen-Break

Last but not least a modification to relax. Lay on your side and look straight in your eyes.
Now she lifts her leg around him so he can dip in to cuddle till your satisfaction. 🙂

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