The Clitoris

Difference between clitoral and vaginal Orgasm

Some people diverse between a clitoral or vaginal orgasm. The vaginal orgasm is cause just only of a vaginal penetration, like inserting the Penis, finger or a Vibrator. In contrast to the vaginal, the clitoral Orgasm is caused by penetrating the “external” clitoris. There’s no proof, that both kinds of orgasms can be experienced. Regarding  to diverse studies, many woman can only reach an orgasm while you penetrate the clitoris and vagina. 

the clit explained in more Detail:

1) glas, together with the clitois lying in the foreskin 
2) cavernous body, the paired beginning part
3) clit tighs,
4) meatus,
5) atrial erectile tissue,
6) vaginal opening, 

clitoris explained in detail

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